City tours Vienna

We offer a wide range of walking tours, museum tours and tours on motor coach or public transportation. Some suggestions and ideas you find listed below.

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Vienna for Beginners

A stroll through the historical city center, from St. Stephen’s cathedral to the Hofburg Palace. This tour gives you a good overview about the major sights in the first district which was listed as a cultural heritage sight by the UNESCO in 2001.  

Jewish Vienna

 A walk through the historic city center of Vienna, focusing on the eventful history of the Jewish population in Vienna. We visit the former medieval Jewish quarters with the Holocaust memorial as well as the oldest Synagogue in Vienna, but also learn about the vibrant Jewish community of today.

Hidden places of Medieval Vienna

Narrow streets with old cobble stones and hidden courtyards tell us about the medieval city. Let yourself drift through picturesque places that you would not find easily by yourself!          

It’s All about the Music

“I assure you, this is a gorgeous city- and for my job it is the best place in the world” This was what Mozart wrote to his father after his arrival in Vienna. Obviously many other composers shared his opinion. See where they lived, loved, and worked! 

Art lovers tour

We visit the splendid Art History museum  with its overwhelming collection of old master paintings. After our meeting with Rembrandt, Vermeer, Velazquez, Rubens and many other superstars of art, we proceed to the Leopold museum to visit Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

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