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Trips to the surrounding neighbourhood of Vienna
1.) The Danube Valley
We will show you the impressive, baroque Benedictine Abbey of Melk and the picturesque village of Dürnstein on  the Danube. The boat ride on the Danube along the most spectacular section of the valley should not be missed! Entrance fees for Melk and the boat trip are not included.
Duration: app. 8 hours

2.) The Vienna Woods
Explore the southern area of the Vienna woods with us, including the Medieval Heiligenkreuz Monastery, then continue to Mayerling, site of the tragic suicide of the Crown Prince Rudolf. We end the tour in Baden, a scenic little spa city with Biedermeier architecture
Duration: app. 4 hrs

3.) Burgenland: the province of castles and wine!
This tour takes us to the easternmost Austrian province. See the capital city of Eisenstadt with the residence of the princely Esterhazy family and the house of their court composer Joseph Haydn. We continue to the little Medieval city of Rust, famous for its wines and the storks, nesting on top of the old chimneys. A boat ride on the Neusiedlersee makes this tour complete! (Fees for the boat ride are not included)
Duration: app. 8 hrs

4.) Klosterneuburg and Leopoldsberg
Between heaven and earth, Klosterneuburg Abbey is situated north of Vienna directly on the banks of the Danube. It impresses the visitor with its splendid architecture from the Middle Ages through the Baroque Era. It also houses a unique piece of art: the Medieval Verdun Altarpiece, completed in 1191 with 51 blue enamel plaques. From there we continue through the Vienna woods and enjoy a marvellous view of the city from Vienna’s best scenic outlook
Duration: app. 4 hrs (entrance fees to the abbey are not included)

5.) Carnuntum and Schloss Hof: roman daily life and baroque splendor
Reconstructed  houses  in Carnuntum bring the Romans back to life! The buildings are fully functional with underfloor heating systems, kitchens and bath houses.
A few kilometres away in the fertile plains east of Vienna lays Schlosshof. The wonderfully restored hunting palace of Prince Eugen of Savoy is particularly famous for its gardens, terracing down the palace in different levels. On the adjacent farming estate you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.
Duration: app. 6 hrs, no entrance fees included

6.) Kreuzenstein Castle and the Leopoldsberg, the tour for fans of the Middle Ages!
Medieval Kreuzenstein Castle is still completely furnished with kitchen, armoury, bower and much more. After having seen the castle, we cross the Danube and drive uphill to enjoy a gorgeous view of Vienna.
Duration: app. 4 hrs, no entrance fees included

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